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2016 Events:

Sandy Beach 4hr Endurance Ice Race - February 21st, 2016

Practice Day - February 20th, 2016 

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As voted for in our AGM last night we are very pleased to announce we are putting on a 4 hour endurance race including a 2 hour tin man race on February 21st, 2016.

Series: We are running the race under the AEIRA series.

Rules: We are adopting the current AEIRA rules but adding our own requirement to run both front AND rear guards. We will not be providing any specifications on design but will require they are worthy of holding up to a 4 hour ice race.

Classes: Bike Pro, Bike Novice, Quad Open, Tin Man, and Bike AMA Rear. SxS Rubber and SxS Studded

Practice Day: In an effort to promote our sport, we will also be having a practice day on February 20th, 2016 the day before the race for new riders to come try it out and for current riders to practice.

Prizes: Due to the short notice, we are keeping everything simple. There will be no t-shirts, no trophies and no prizes but tonnes of bragging rights. We just want to have fun and RACE!

Our club has been greatly affected by the tragic events of last year and we have had many discussions on what to do moving forward. We have listened to many suggestions from many people and we knew we had a responsibility to respect all of them. We knew that anything we do would be difficult regardless of whether we did nothing or if we did chose to host our famous Numb Bum this year. As you already know the Numb Bum will return in 2017 after taking a year off but decided that having no event at all in 2016 was not the choice for us. Our club is united, we are strong and look forward to having many racers, friends and future racers join us for our special weekend in February.

We have spoken to Jesse Dyer and Jeff Ryll who are also potentially or will be hosting a race this year in addition to ours and have shared our position with them. They are excited and support us in our efforts as we are for them and they are also considering the 4 hour format similar to ours so that the series could be consistent.

We have also spoken to the AEIRA and they also support our decision of making the rules slightly different for our race by requiring both front and back guards.

More details to follow and see you at the starting line!!!








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